“Zentrum Untere Marktstrasse” (ZUM) in Göppingen

In the city of Göppingen there is a broad consensus that the neighborhood at the local main station should be upgraded. The future “Zentrum Untere Marktstrasse” (ZUM) will also play an important role in this regard.

Göppinger Kreissparkasse acquired the majority of the buildings on the ZUM site and founded its own project company for further development. A total of six architectural companies were commissioned to find a structural solution for a four-story building complex in the context of a planning competition. In the future, the building will provide both residential living in the upper floors and commercial use for trade and offices on the ground floor and first floor.

Furthermore, urban planning aspects had to be taken into account: from Göppingen’s main train station, the “Untere Marktstrasse” provides access to the local city center within walking distance. Gaus & Knödler Architects interpreted this prominent urban location as a “modern city gate”. With this conceptual approach, the adjoining buildings will also have a corresponding function.

In the G&K draft, this position is represented in the cityscape by a coherent building structure that emphasizes the corner situations with significant special solutions. A special arrangement of the openings also strengthens the structure as a whole and subtly forms a pedestal for retail space. Nevertheless, the building is not a free-standing structure in this location: the typical gable-sided construction is taken over by an abstract, multiplied form in the geometry of gabled roofs and interpreted by a modern language.

In its explanatory statement for the second prize, the jury specifically addressed Gaus & Knödler Architects’ decision not to structure the building in favor of a coherent overall solution: the building showed its confident appearance in an unorthodox architectural language. Due to its interpretation of the classical gabled houses in Göppingen, the work represents a completely independent solution.

According to the jury, the commercial area on the ground floor is clearly visible. “The indicated subdivisions in the area of the ground floor zone and the roof area are dissolved in the central zone of the building and allow the building to merge back into a single structure.” The quality of the designated apartments can be classified as very high, each apartment is “optimally illuminated from two sides”.

Project details

Title: “Zentrum Untere Marktstrasse” (ZUM) in Göppingen

Awarding authority: ZUM GmbH & Co. KG

Task: Urban planning concept for the future use of the area “Zentrum Untere Marktstrasse” near Göppingen main train station

Procedure: Planning competition 2016 with six selected participants (1st place: harris + kurrle architekten bda Stuttgart, 2nd place: Gaus & Knödler Architects)

Copyright: Gaus & Knödler Architects (visualization, plans and model photos)

Winning contribution harris + kurrle Back

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