Sonne-Areal Wäschenbeuren

“Sonne Area” in Wäschenbeuren

The area around the former guest house “Sonne” in Wäschenbeuren is to be newly erected. The municipality has commissioned several offices in order to develop alternative concepts for architecture and development of the new district.

The urban structure and structural order of the design derives from the edges along the Göppingen Straße and the Hetzengasse. A new interior quality – a lodging place offering space, nature, peace and protection to the residents is created due to the position of the houses along the road edges. There is also a community room, which is intended for celebrations, meetings and discussions.

The scale of the buildings including eaves and first heights and focuses on the environment. The roof shapes of the new houses are guided by the local conditions and are complemented by gable roofs. The entrances to the residential houses each make reference to the public space and can be accessed both from the Goeppingen Straße and the Hetzengasse.

The offer ranges from 2 bedroom apartments to 3.5 room apartments, all of which are accessible via elevators. This guarantees a barrier-free and independent living in old age. Each apartment has a loggia as a protected outdoor area. Each living area is oriented to the South, on one hand to the Quartiershof, on the other hand with a view to the Mount Hohenstaufen.

The energy concept is ambitious and includes a combination of cogeneration and air heat pump, which is complemented by a photovoltaic system. The resulting current is used for the operation of the system or for own consumption in the quarter. In addition, the energy of wastewater can be used via a heat exchanger for heating support.

Project details

Title: “Sonne Area” in Wäschenbeuren

Organiser: Municipality of Wäschenbeuren

Task: Preliminary design for a new building of the area of the “Sonne” in Wäschenbeuren

Method: Urban planning competition 2015 in the context of a multiple assignment

Copyright: Gaus & Knödler Architekten (plans, models and visualisations)


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