Hauptplatz Weißenhorn

Main Square in Weißenhorn

The town of Weißenhorn wanted to redesign the main square of the community. In an open competition, the adjacent areas also had to be included. The concept of Gaus & Knödler was welcomed with a purchase.

The central square in Weißenhorn forms a special ensemble with its surrounding alleys, streets and squares. With its silhouette and its significant market and festival events it is a special place – not a mere road junction, but business card of the city, of its hospitality and quality. Planning in this area means to still allow this play of forces, and to contribute to the play by robustness and individuality of design for future uses.

Therefore, significant sections in the transition areas in the existing buildings were preserved in the concept. The necessary traffic runs slowly through the square. The given bypass roads favoured compared to the through traffic. The redesign allows for a large and multifunctional space. The surfaces structure the space sections, without disrupting the overall context. The equipment is discrete.

The lighting in the square plays a special role. A play of light in the square is achieved with partly moving spots and lamps from surrounding roofs and facades, reinforcing by illumination of facades and fountains. Furthermore a loose addition of lighting and supply blocks along the square axis is provided. The design should meet the requirements for a wide range of activities.

Project details

Project Title: Main Square in Weißenhorn

Organiser: Town of Weißenhorn

Task: Concept for the reorganization of the main square

Method: Open competition 2001 (rewarded by purchase)

Remarkable features: The work was developed in collaboration with Pfrommer & Röder Landschaftsarchitekten Stuttgart and the architect Martin Hoiker from Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Copyright: Gaus & Knödler Architekten (plans and models)


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