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Residential Buildings Stauferpark 311 and 312 in Göppingen

The conversion of vacant military sites includes the restoration of earlier settlements for military personnel and their families. Gaus & Knödler Architekten have been entrusted several times with this task.

Following the withdrawal of US forces in 1994/95, the municipal housing company acquired the former military allotment “Bürgerhölzle”. As a sub-project within a multi-year renovation program, the Wohnbau GmbH Göppingen initially commissioned Gaus & Knödler Architekten with the extensive renovation of the building Stauferpark 311 and 312.

These two residential buildings form a building with a length of more than 80 meters in formerly typical barracks architecture. The buildings have been completely modernized, this also included the renovation of all bathrooms and sanitary facilities in the housing stock.

By adding new storeys to the building, additional housing units were created. With attractive roof terraces and a renewed appearance in strong colours the former “barracks style” has disappeared. All measures have been implemented while the building was inhabited requiring a very special sequence.

Project details

Title: Residential Buildings Stauferpark 311 and 312

Bauherr: Wohnbau GmbH Göppingen

Task: Complete renovation of two residential buildings, including increase for additional surfaces and housing units

Construction period and completion: 1994 to 1996

Remarkable features and note: Complete restoration of inhabited buildings, the complete planning and redevelopment was still carried out by the previous office Alois Gaus, followed by further projects in Stauferpark from 1999/2000 in several stages by Gaus & Knödler Architekten.

Copyright: Gaus & Knödler Architekten (photography)


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