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Residential Building A1 in Rechberghausen

The asymmetrically designed roof varies in shape from the classic gable form of a residential house: this individual solution is aesthetically striking and opens up additional options – both for exterior and interior design.

Residential buildings are often built in the middle of their plot of land. In the case of smaller plots, which have similar aspect ratios to the respective building floor plan, a larger garden area is then missing. The building is then surrounded by a narrow green belt, which does not look like a garden and is not practical for this purpose.

In order to create the largest possible contiguous garden area on the south side, this new building with its long sides was placed parallel to the narrow property side with a minimum border distance. The alignment of the roof gable, in turn, was determined by local mandatory building law.

Gaus & Knödler Architects therefore chose an asymmetrical gable form in combination with a comparatively short ridge. The different lengths of the gable edges give the building a basic tension that dissolves harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

In interior design, the asymmetry also enables individual solutions with different room heights and open stairs. The building – for a young family with children – has three levels; the lower level with cellar rooms and technical equipment also houses the garage. Living room and garden are on one level.

With its massive masonry, PV system, rainwater cistern and air heat pump, the building satisfies the highest demands with regard to building climate control, energy efficiency and operating costs.

Project details

Title: Residential Building A1 in Rechberghausen

Building contractor: Private

Task: Planning and new construction of a single-family house on three levels

Completion: 2014

Remarkable features: The entire project was completed within just under two years (land inspection August 2012, building application December 2012, start of construction March 2013, topping-out ceremony July 2013, occupation early summer 2014)

Copyright: Friedemann Rieker (photography)


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