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Ursenwangschule in Göppingen

The school in Göppingen district Ursenwang dates from the sixties and needed a exterior renovation. Gaus & Knödler Architekten tackled the project in three phases.

In the school complex created in the sixties, a high-quality white broken quartzite was used at the time as a concrete nose. After comprehensive concrete refurbishing it is now back in its original state. The light colour corresponds to that resulting from a competition winning design of the predecessor office Gaus & Unfried.

As part of the renovation the school's sports hall and the building part with the caretaker's house were renewed in addition to the school and administrative offices. The fire protection is now up to date. On the buildings, the facades and roofs have been repaired. In addition, the flat roofs received extensive planting. On the highest roof surfaces, a photovoltaic system has been installed.

Project details

Title: Ursenwangschule in Göppingen

Building owner: Town of Göppingen

Task: Comprehensive renovation of the entire building complex in three phases according to the energy and fire protection requirements

Construction period and completion: 2008 to 2011

Remarkable features: The approved budget was undercut by around 20 percent.

Copyright: Friedemann Rieker (photography)


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