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School Canteen of the Hermann-Hesse-Realschule in Göppingen

A school canteen was missing for all-day service at the Hermann-Hesse-Realschule in Göppingen. The new building was realized by Gaus & Knödler Architects simultaneously with the fire protection renovation of the existing building.

A school canteen is essential for the all-day activities of a general school. The shared lunch will also strengthen the students’ sense of community and promote identification with their school. In this respect, canteen means far more than just “dining room”. In addition, such a room will open up further options for use if it is appropriately equipped and conceptually open.

The Department for Building Construction of the City of Göppingen designed the cafeteria as a two-story annex to the existing school building. Based on classical models, the architecture of the building is of modest elegance and simplicity. In keeping with the school's motto “School in green surroundings”, windows on both levels open up views of the park-like environment. This transparency was also included in the interior, for example by access corridors and bridges on the upper floor with various windows that allow views into the dining area.

On the ground floor, students enter the cafeteria directly from the entrance corridor. Due to the open stairs leading to the upper floor, there is a transition on the second level via three bridges. Upstairs there are rooms for art and project work as well as reading and quiet individual work. The ground floor accommodates the kitchen, the large common room for school meals and the adjoining new music auditorium. For events, the mobile wall leading to the music auditorium can be moved.

Project details

Title: School Canteen of the Hermann-Hesse-Realschule in Göppingen (note: the cafeteria is shared with the Bodenfeld Primary School – the primary school and modern secondary school form a building ensemble)

Building contractor: City of Göppingen

Task: Realization of a new school canteen and renovation of the existing building for Hermann-Hesse-Realschule (HOAI work phases 5 to 9)

Procedure: Design and approval planning (performance phases 1 to 4) by the Building Construction Department of the City of Göppingen, project planning and site supervision (performance phases 5 to 9) by Gaus & Knödler Architects

Order volume: 3.875 million Euros (total project demolition of the pavilion, new school canteen and renovation of the existing school building)

Completion: Canteen: September 2015, fire protection renovation of existing buildings: Autumn 2016

Building volume: Both levels of the annex with a total of approx. 500 sqm, large event room (canteen plus music auditorium) on the ground floor: approx. 300 sqm

Remarkable features: Underfloor heating and controlled ventilation of the rooms, fully equipped kitchen for preparing meals on site, audio technology for optional use of the cafeteria as an event room, fire protection refurbishment and new building in ongoing school operations.

Copyright: Friedemann Rieker (photos of new buildings) and Gaus & Knödler Architects (photos before new building/renovation)


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