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Refectory of the Schurwaldschule in Rechberghausen

As part of the expansion to the full-day care, the administrative Association Östlicher Schurwald decided the construction of a refectory with adjoining rooms. The implementation was carried out as a joint project.

Previously, Gaus and Knödler Architekten had been involved in the renovation of the facade of the school gym, as well as the flat roofs of same school. The new construction of the school canteen was implemented along with the Stuttgart-based firm Zoller Architekten.

It was a simple structure which absorbs the materiality of existing buildings by the combination of prefabricated members of fair faced concrete, plastered walls, but also of Meranti wood. Thus, it is ensured that the new construction be optically and functionally integrated into the existing school ensemble.

In addition to the refectory and the kitchen, more functional areas were realized within the space program. These include a multipurpose room, an office for the school social work, rooms for media and projects together with a relaxation and reading room.

Project details

Title: Refectory of the Schurwaldschule in Rechberghausen

Building owner: Municipal Association Östlicher Schurwald

Task: Planning and construction of a school canteen with adjoining rooms on 550 square meters

Participating companies: Zoller Architekten Stuttgart and Gaus & Knödler Architekten Göppingen

Order volume: 1.4 million Euros

Completion: 2011

Remarkable features: The entire space program is geared to the requirements for full-day care.

Copyright: Gaus & Knödler Architekten (photography)


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