„Bahnpark“ in Bad Boll

“Railway Park” in Bad Boll

Urban planning competition for the Railway Park in Bad Boll: The jury unanimously advocated the design of Gaus & Knödler Architekten. The urban concept envisages four buildings in the final stage.

In the substantiation, the scale as well as the individual open-space design with simultaneous permeability of the area was highlighted. The judges also favourably rated the choice of material for the facade, as well as the readability of their associated uses.

Starting from the East-West orientation and with a size matching the village structure, the individual buildings with the offset structures integrate in the surrounding area. The spatial arrangement and arrangement of the dimensions create a maximum of residential and recreational qualities, exciting visual relationships and road connections into and through the future residential district.

A slightly higher commercial building that defines a small square together with an adjacent building is the prelude for the area. This square is oriented to the South and by the building arrangement is designed such to avoid competition with the actual town centre.

The clearly structured units lie along the Northern access road (Seilerstraße), each consisting of two buildings offset to one another. This means that the scale of the surrounding area is properly considered. The apartments are geared mostly to the East West and keep sufficient distance to the chestnut trees along the Southern access road (Bahnhofsallee).

Project details

Title: “Railway Park” in Bad Boll

Organiser: Municipality of Bad Boll

Task: Urban planning concept for the future use of the railway park in Bad Boll

Method: Design competition (multiple assignments) 2012 with subsequent commissioning (winner of the competition: Gaus & Knödler Architekten)

Remarkable features: Collaborative application with the district building society mbH Filstal Göppingen as an investor. Modular concept in three stages (construction stage 1: Houses A and B, construction stage 2: House C, construction stage 3: House D for predominantly commercial purposes)

Copyright: Gaus & Knödler Architekten (plans and models)

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