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Surgical Centre of the Staufenklinik in Göppingen

As any structural change, additions and renovations in existing buildings belong to the most demanding tasks for architects. This applies all the more if high functional demands are associated with the redesign.

The central planning task was to integrate a new surgical centre in an existing complex of buildings. Further rooms and areas had to be grouped around the actual operating room in accordance with the usual workflow in a hospital. These include among others a recovery room and changing rooms for the patients, lounges and meeting rooms with kitchen for staff, waiting areas for visitors as well as all sanitary facilities.

Apart from functional and work organisational matters, especially medical standards in the areas of hygiene and hospital engineering had to be observed in the detailed planning. Thanks to a tight construction plan and a binding cooperation between clients, architects and the craftsmen involved, the project could be completed in a relatively short time.

Project details

Title: Surgical Centre of the Staufenklinik in Göppingen

Building owner: Staufenklinik – Praxisklinik für ambulante Operationen und Gemeinschaftspraxis

Task: Planning and construction of an operations centre (operating room, recovery room, waiting area, changing rooms, examination and meeting rooms, office and staff accommodation with kitchen)

Completion: 2012

Copyright: Michael Renner (photography)


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