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Public Service and Recycling Centre in Rechberghausen

In mid-2003, the municipality Rechberghausen was awarded the contract for the “Kleine Gartenschau 2009”. First of all, a site for the future dump and recycling centre had to be found.

Gaus & Knödler Architekten studied various location options. Pleasing quickly there was a clear favourite. In early February of 2004 the team of architects was able to submit the planning application at the Göppingen district office. Within less than a year a modern building complex meeting the functional, economic and ecological requirements and providing a convincing building aesthetics, originated. The commissioning took place in October 2005.

The new terrain of the civic amenity site is divided into two areas: Building with social facilities for the staff of the civic amenity site as well as the adjacent hall area, which has large storage areas. In order to find a cost-effective yet compelling architectural solution, the premises have been planned as a pure solid construction and the halls were built in composite construction.

Glued-laminated beams on fair-faced concrete pillars and walls span the entire depth of the hall. The four entrances of the hall are equipped with stacking doors made of translucent glass fibre panels. Concerning the facade, a difference is made between the service building and the hall area, too. Discrete compared to the neighbouring buildings, the walls of the hall are clad with horizontally laid trapezoidal sheet. The solid construction is plastered and shows off self-confidently with a striking colour scheme.

Project details

Title: Public Service and Recycling Centre in Rechberghausen

Building owner: Municipality of Rechberghausen

Task: Construction of a civic amenity site and a recycling depot in the commercial area, site selection, planning and construction management (HOAI phases 1 to 8)

Order volume: 1.3 million Euros

Completion: 2005

Remarkable features: Photovoltaic plant of 450 square meters as well as near-natural rainwater management. The building complex was presented to the interested public in 2006 on the “Day of Architecture”.

Copyright: Gaus & Knödler Architekten (photography)


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