Märklin Museum in Göppingen

Märklin, based in Göppingen, Germany, is well known worldwide for its model railways. Märklin commissioned Gaus & Knödler Architects and the Dutch architects MVRDV to jointly carry out a feasibility study for a new company museum.

Since its foundation in 1859, Märklin has been archiving reference models including prototypes and hand samples, but also documents, drawings and advertising materials. The currently 7,000 objects and future new acquisitions require adequate presentation possibilities. However, the Märklin Museum in Göppingen at Reutlinger Strasse no longer meets the spatial and conceptual requirements of the global company.

The two clearly defined goals of the management: firstly, to integrate the historical collections located at the Märklin headquarters at Stuttgarter Strasse in Göppingen. Secondly, to further develop the museum’s concept, which complements the historical collection with other elements such as seminar rooms and gastronomy.

The special challenge lies in setting up the museum in a former factory building. In addition to the interior design on about 3,000 square metres of usable space, the external accessibility and visibility in public space had to be strategically incorporated. This includes accessibility on the periphery of the Göppingen city center.

For a future “MÄRKLINeum”, Gaus & Knödler Architects and MVRDV have now made a specific proposal to supplement the existing building with an extension in the form of a barrier-free accessible display depot. In the case of a display depot, the separation of the functional areas of collection archive and exhibition, which is usually common practice in museums, is no longer necessary. Before visitors actually reach the top floor of the exhibition, they are given generous and stimulating insights into the museum’s collection.

For the exhibition within the building, Gaus & Knödler Architects and MVRDV are planning a modular and flexible interior design for the presentation of the exhibition objects. The concept is complemented by a restaurant on the top floor above the three exhibition levels as well as a museum shop on the ground floor and basement.

Project details

Title: Märklin Museum in Göppingen

Task: Site analysis and feasibility study for the establishment of the new company museum in an existing building at the company’s headquarters

Companies involved: Joint study by Gaus & Knödler Architects Göppingen and MVRDV Rotterdam

Publication: 2016

Remarkable features: The museum will be housed in a former factory building with approximately 3,000 square metres of usable space. Within the scope of the study, the aspects of city marketing, urban integration and traffic development were also examined.

Copyright: Gaus & Knödler Architects and MVRDV (visualizations)


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