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GiLO – Coffee · Frozen Yogurt · Bar in Göppingen

GOpposite the town Hall a real estate vacancy situated in a prime location, directly at the Göppingen marketplace. A local restaurateur wanted to expand his offer and opened his new trendy club after a short planning and construction phase.

The former clothing store was to become a bar: bright, open, friendly, modern. With the existing premises on two levels, this concept was difficult to implement, especially since the height of the rooms significantly limited the possibilities. The new owner wanted to make the central room as openly as possible.

Gaus & Knödler Architekten ventured tackling the difficult implementation: Great parts of the suspended ceiling were removed to provide a single high room for the counter, display and stand-up bistro. Design elements such as murals, stylishly stocked shelves, wall lettering and hanging ceiling lights additionally emphasize the openness and ceiling height.

Discretely used spot colours as well as white and anthracite tones for walls and floors create a modern ambience. The remains of the second level in the rear area remain hidden. The remaining area is used for kitchen, warehousing and administration.

Project details

Title: GiLO – Coffee • Frozen Yogurt • Bar in Göppingen

Building owner: Maurizio Mobilia

Task: Renovation and redesign of a former shop to be used as a coffee bar

Completion: 2013

Remarkable features: 120 seats outside

Copyright: Michael Renner (photography) and Gaus & Knödler Architekten (before renovation)


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