„Depot Süd“ der AWS in Augsburg

“Depot South” of the AWS in Augsburg

The waste management and municipal cleaning authority (AWS) of the city of Augsburg commissioned Gaus & Knödler Architekten to investigate possible sites for plants and depots.

Overall, three potential sites were visited. Key criteria were suitability (layout, ground, topography) of the available surfaces, as well as transport logistics. In the course of the site analyses the applicable building and planning law had to be taken into account as well as future environmental requirements.

Additional requirements resulted from the space program in the context of the concept of "Recycling centre of the future". The findings and recommendations of Gaus & Knödler Architekten were essential to the municipal decision-making in order to establish a long-term development strategy in the area of waste disposal.

Project details

Title: “Depot South” of the waste management and urban cleaning authority (AWS) of Augsburg

Contracting Party: City of Augsburg

Task: Investigating potential sites for a permanent establishment including depot (4,000 square meters), recycling centre (4,000 square meters), as well as civic amenity center and depot (10,000 square meters)

Completion: 2012

Remarkable features: Additionally, the comprehensive final report was summarized in a decision matrix.

Copyright: City of Augsburg (maps) and Gaus & Knödler Architekten (plans and models)


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