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Administration Building ATP GmbH in Göppingen

The floors and ceilings of a building can be used efficiently as storage masses for the heating and cooling of the rooms. This sustainable concept is implemented in the new ATP building.

Göppingen-based ATP GmbH is the holding company for a group of companies in the automotive sector with about 5,000 employees worldwide. ATP will have a new administration building for 60 to 80 employees that supports in particular the work organization of the project teams according to the open office concept. State-of-the-art building technology is planned for heating and cooling: in addition to the thermal activation of the screed, this includes a gas-powered fuel cell and a brine heat pump (heat extraction from the ground via geothermal probes).

With regard to its functionality and aesthetics, the three-story building shows clear references to the classic Bauhaus style. An open space design on about 3,000 square metres of gross floor area is achieved by natural daylight and comprehensive structural transparency. A mullion and transom façade with triple glazing will be realized on the outside. In combination with a translucent roof edge above the inner atrium, free staircases open up the individual levels.

The ground floor is set back on two sides of the building in relation to the upper floors. The foundation is a flat foundation based on individual and strip foundations. The shell is erected in reinforced concrete construction with point-supported floor slabs as flat ceilings. The desired free allocation of space is possible on the support grid. The story heights are around three meters. The materials used are dominated by natural tones and muted colors (photo).

Project details

Title: Administration Building ATP GmbH in Göppingen

Building contractor: ATP GmbH in Göppingen

Task: Planning and construction of an administration building (HOAI performance phases 1 to 9)

Commencement of construction work: Late summer 2017, planned completion of the building by the beginning of 2019

Copyright: Michael Renner (photos) and Gaus & Knödler Architekten PartGmbB, since 01.09.2019 Gaus Architekten (visualization)

Planner: Gaus & Knödler Architekten PartGmbB (since 01.09.2019: Gaus Architekten)

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