September 20th, 2016 / News

Presentation: Christian Gaus talks about “Smart Architecture” tomorrow night

JCI Göppingen invited our managing director to a lecture and discussion. The topic of the evening at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Göppingen: “Smart Home – Smart Cities – Smart Architecture”.

“Smart architecture” is often reduced to modern technology and computer-controlled solutions. However, both in buildings and in the urban context, it is becoming apparent time and again that even supposedly simple concepts can be extremely “smart”. This is all the more true when common ideas about architecture and urban planning are challenged or disregarded.

The open event starts at 7 pm in the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Göppingen, Franklinstrasse 4. Registration is requested via the website of JCI Göppingen.

(Foto: © Stanisic Vladimir / Fotolia)

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