December 29th, 2016 / News

More than just tradition: Every project has its own model

BIM, 3D, VectorWorks ... Gaus & Knödler Architects work with state-of-the-art software tools for design and planning. Nevertheless, we also create a physical model for each major project. And that has little to do with nostalgia.

Whether cinema, computer games or advertising – our viewing habits have become accustomed to computer-based visualization. Changes in media usage patterns are having an impact on the perception of our environment. Physical models that we design and build with different materials open up additional, often new perspectives on an object.

Not only we as planners, but also our customers perceive their project differently when it is presented as a model. A model of a building or an urban situation is already a physical reality. The future building becomes “tangible” and can be sensed haptically and sensorily. This is why we invest time and commitment in creating our models.


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