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Working at GA: Entry and Conditions

As a constantly growing company with new projects and international customers Gaus Architekten regularly look for architects, special engineers and other specialists. The architectural firm in Göppingen near Stuttgart hires both young professionals and experienced colleagues.

Basically, employment is possible in full or in part time. The conditions of employment generally apply to long term cooperation. Unless otherwise announced and individually agreed, the employees of the company obtain a permanent position after a successful trial period and beyond that the assumption of costs und and exemption for training. Thus, Gaus Architekten emphasise the fact that the employees make a significant contribution to the successful development of the company.

Similarly, this is associated to the demand to actively and responsibly shape the company. The basis for this is enthusiasm, joy and passion for good architecture. Together with special individual knowledge, experience and personal talents, the ability to work in a heterogeneous team is mandatory. This includes the readiness to proactively support colleagues in the context of complex projects.

Gaus Architekten request and support independent work. Younger and new colleagues will be accompanied by experienced mentors. The employees shall be able to exercise their individual skills and talents in various fields and to pursue their personal development. The company therefore deliberately refrains from of a small-scale and long-established organization of work.

In the selection process, the company decides to be honest: Whoever is shortlisted by preselection and interview, will be invited for a trial period of several days. The trainees will each receive a specific project task, sit at a normal office desk and thus get to know the company and its employees undisguised. The same applies of course vice versa when assessing the candidate. On this basis, a binding decision as to the suitability of the person for the company can be taken in a final constructive discussion between applicants and management.

Photo: Michael Renner

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