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The Location of Göppingen: Why Things are much easier there

Working in the Swabian province? Convinced urban dwellers might have doubts. But you don't have to. Quite a few employees of GA live in the state capital Stuttgart and commute. And save a lot of time.

A Web search via route planner or German railway shows that the routes from Stuttgart to Göppingen are comparatively short. For many people working in the state capital Stuttgart (or other large cities) it takes almost the same time to get to the office.

Those who like walking or taking the bike to get to work and appreciating the atmosphere of a prosperous county town in the summer with its outdoor cafes, green parks and outdoor events, will opt for Göppingen. The city offers a lot for families: Day-care centres, schools, adult education centres, college, movies, library, concerts, art gallery, sports, clubs, doctors, hospitals and government agencies, markets and the historic old town – everything is available.

About spouses or partners: The economy in the metropolitan region of Stuttgart is flourishing. So there is a lot of work, not only for architects. Also, there is country air to breathe. Those who want to live in the countryside, have the choice: Magnificently located at the edge of the Swabian Alb, there are numerous small and larger towns around Göppingen providing easy and quick connections to the city.

Incidentally, in one to two and a half hours you will get to the Allgäu, Lake Constance, the Black Forest, Switzerland, Austria, Alsace ... For those who want to get even further away: The drive to Stuttgart Airports only takes half an hour. Just as long as the trip to Stuttgart City.

The team at Gaus Architekten is colourful and multifaceted. This is also reflected by the individual choice of residence. Good to know that no one in the team had to make compromises because of his profession. A solvable problem: If needed, future colleagues are of course supported in finding housing.

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